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Sub Station 1923

Abodium is honoured to have worked with Element architects, on the heritage restoration of the iconic Electric Sub-Station in Claremont, originally built in 1923.

This heritage building has been impeccably restored. Keeping all of its authentic features, including the original pressed metal ceiling and ceiling roses. Not only does it embody its true origin, it has also welcomed bold contemporary elements. These include the dramatic architectural steel windows and doors, created by Vanguard Steel Fabrication. They Integrate seamlessly with the original red brick and wooden frames. The addition of a contrasting black and white colour scheme has also enhanced the beauty within the building.


Congratulations Element, for designing a beautiful and functional open plan space. Their design work will be admired for years to come.

To find out more about the heritage restoration of SubStation1923, call Silvio on 08 9276 1771

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